We’re close to having the site rebuilt.  As you can see, the theme is back, along with the header, layout and some images.  Thanks to Google’s wonderful ability to cache almost anything, I’ve been able to recover the “About” page and a few images that I was missing.  I’ve uploaded a lot of the images that I personally had saved, and am trying to track down a few stragglers.  It will take a while to get these images back into the posts that they belong to.  Most of the posts have been cleaned up with categories and tags applied. These categories and tags look a bit different before because I was going from memory.  The posts and comments and pages have not had their content changed in the slightest, so at least we have that going for us.  Geraldine should be posting again soon.

The donation widget and tracker will remain offline for a while.  While we do have the code for it, it will take a significant amount of work to get it back online as the site is now in a different location (note the .com instead of .org address.)  We also have plans to release the code to the public as a free, open-source offering. We’d like to make it easy for other people that may be going through times like this to set up a non-profit site such as this one.  Please bear with us, we want to get this right before we re-launch donations again.

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