Friends of Geraldine is down

This is what we posted on after the site was destroyed


Hello, friends.

This site,, was attacked recently. We believe that it took place some time between the evening of March 12th and the morning of March 13th. The data for this site, including all blog posts, images, and links were deleted. This is truly devastating.

We have some backups of the design and a few of the posts. It will take a while to rebuild, and there will probably be large chunks of data that may never be recovered. As this was an ongoing journal chronicling many months of Geraldine’s story, the content isn’t easily backed up. Our first priority is to recover those blog entries, and then we will try to put it all back together. The design and content was truly a collaboration, so pieces of it are in different hands. It’s sort of like building the site all over again. Even with the blog entries, we’ve lost the dates, times, links, comments, donation tracking, and other pieces of the story that made this blog unique. There’s still hope, however, that we may get a clean backup of the entire site. Stay tuned for more info as it develops.

We’re sorry for this inconvenience. We’ll be back with some form of this site as soon as possible.

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