Update: Round 1 of ICE Chemo

Geraldine’s first round of ICE chemotherapy concluded on Friday evening, August 8. For nearly a week, she was mostly bedridden, nauseous, and extremely fatigued. As of today, she is slowly coming out of her “chemo coma” as she calls it.

A very real danger is that she may become Neutropenic, which basically means that she is “more susceptible to bacterial infections and without prompt medical attention, the condition may become life-threatening.”

It’s a shame, because just as she is feeling better and ready to get out of the house, she’s being ordered back into isolation for the weekend.

She has also been told that in two weeks or so, her hair will completely fall out. Not just a little at a time, but all at once, in clumps.  She plans on shopping for scarves this weekend, and getting her hair cut as short as she is able to to avoid the shock.  Still, this is a major blow to one’s self-esteem, and is especially hard for a beautiful woman.

We plan on documenting the haircut and the hair-loss with a video camera. It will not be easy on her, but she has refused to let her friends shave their heads in Solidarity, stating “you don’t look all that great now, you don’t need to make it worse…” hehe.

2 Responses to “Update: Round 1 of ICE Chemo”

  1. 1 Allie August 15, 2008 at 2:40 am

    Sweet Sassy Geraldine. You have turned a corner and overcome the rip current of chemo once again. Take a deep breath; your head is above water. You’ve got guts, girl. I marvel at your strength. I know… what other choice is there? I love you sugar.

  2. 2 Emily August 18, 2008 at 9:02 am

    Geraldine I cannot imagine that the loss of hair will make you any less beautiful. It is your face and spirit that make you pretty to me and your hair is just some old protien so try not to sress it too much.

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